Friday, December 30, 2011

Keep Playing Sweeps and Instant Wins - Check Out my Wins!

I love playing Instant Win games and entering Sweepstakes!!

I don't sweep everyday. I only sweep generally late at night, while I'm watching tv. The odds are a little better the earlier or later in the day that you play because most likely there aren't quite as many people playing.

I also earn my time to play the sweeps. I mentioned this in my previous post about managing multiple survey sites.

I just do it for fun and I've been winning!

Check out some of the things I've won playing this past year:

Papa John's Large Pizza
Robitussin knit hat
Clinique Mascara
Revlon Lipstick
$50.00 Dollar General gift Card
$25.00 Victoria Secret Gift Card
2 Tickets to Six Flags
Free 20 oz. Coke
Oregon Chai Tea and Mug
Victoria Secret Pink Dog
Free Axe Product

Here are some of the current sweeps and instant wins I'm playing:

Some of these end tomorrow - so good luck!!