Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Landscaping on a Dime

For some time, we've been considering changing our front yard landscaping. Having a toddler meant always having my flower garden stomped through. Having company always meant someone opening their door and getting attacked by a great big firebush (which by the way was about 5 times as big as in this picture - we chopped it down to make the area more work friendly). When we noticed how worn out our front porch was starting to look we decided to make a few changes. While we are not upgrading the front porch at this time, we decided to go ahead and prep for the porch by fixing the landscape to work around our plans for the new porch.

In order to do this as frugally as possible we made plans to reuse what was already there and replant.


This area was next to our driveway. It was very inconvenient when guests would park at the house. So we simply pulled out the huge firebush, pulled the baby firebushes out with roots intact for another area, and pulled all the additional flowers out that we were not planning to replant. We did save the one pink rose bush which wasn't even visible initially.


To finish this area we simply added the rose trellis and planted another rose bush on the second side and held the trellis in place with two large rocks which were already in the garden, but we didn't know it. Then we replanted my dianthus or Sweet Williams which were currently getting stomped on constantly by my son as they were in a high user area. I added the two pots of cats and kittens and which were sitting unnoticed practically under the deck. Each spring I hope to add a few more diantus until the garden is completely full.

This area was where the diantus were planted but was too high traffic and didn't make any sense. We will eventually lay grass seed and let this area become part of our yard. As we were constantly stepping in it and through it to cross to our driveway etc., this made perfect sense.


This area was a mess. There were too many items, not spaced well and no rhyme or reason. Since we were planning to shorten this area for the new porch we simply left the plant on the left corner - this one gets very large and holds lots of bird nests in the summer, then pulled everything else out. There was a pile of Iris bulbs which we saved and one green bush we saved. The Rhodadendrun we pulled and gave to my mom as it's never done well at our house, but is now very happily living at my mother's.


Then we replanted the baby firebushes which we pulled from the driveway area in the center area, replanted the green bush and then replanted the iris bulbs in front of all the bushes. We also replanted some bulbs which yield the nicest orange flowers in front of the green bush. This area will look fantastic come spring and summer!

Lastly we simply bought mulch - which we got from a wood chipper directly and only paid $25.00 for the truckload versus $85.00 from a nursery and voila! - A newly relandscaped yard for the cost of time, hard work and $25.00 in mulch.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Free Eukanuba Puppy Food

Go to the bottom of the page and get your Free Bag of Eukanuba Puppy Food Voucher by mail! What a great free sample! We have 3 dogs, so we can certainly use this!

Free Uncrustables Coupon In Exchange for Organizational Tip

Get a coupon by mail for a Free Pack of Uncrustable Sandwhiches just by signing up and submitting an after school organizational tip. But hurry - it is only good for the first 20,000. I just got mine and I should receive my coupon in 4-6 weeks.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Free Sample - Kotex Ultra Thin Overnights

Free Kotex sample often contain great coupons for their products inside!

Last Chance to Get Your Free Chocolate!

It's that time again - time to get you coupon for a free chocolate bar.

Go HERE to register for your free candy bar from Mars. You can do this four times, once on each Friday they offer it. They start at 9:00 am and go through 11:59 pm every Friday from now through September. If you are one of the firs 250,000 to register on any given Friday, you will get a coupon, up to four times!! I got mine today, will you get yours?? Coupons take 4-8 weeks to arrive.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Free Wheat Thins at CVS (No ECBs Required)

Here's a great deal to score a freebie at CVS without worrying about ECBs.

The small boxes of Wheat Thins are on sale for $1.00. Use this printable coupon for $1.00 off any Wheat Thins product to score two boxes free - after printing the first time, hit back and refresh to print the coupon again! (Thanks Deal Seeking Mom!)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Free Sample of Hill's Science Diet Dog Treats

Get your free sample of Hill's Science Diet Simple Essentials Treats. You can choose one of the following: Simple Essentials Treats Light, Simple Essentials Mobility and Simple Essentials Immunity Support.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Target for $1.42 - CHA CHING!!

Can we say I had a great day at Target?!?! I purchased the following:

2 boxes Brown Sugar Fiber One Pop Tarts - $1.75 a box
2 boxes of Eggos Waffles - $1.50 a box
1 trial size bottle of All - $1.12
1 trial size bottle of Head and Shoulders - $0.97
1 trial size Tide - $0.97
1 Suave Kids bath wash - $2.79
1 Dannon Yogurt - $0.67
1 pack Huggies Wipes - $1.97
1 small bag Chef Michael's dog food dry - $4.76
2 cans Chef Michael's wet dog food - $0.80 each
2 Market Pantry String Cheeses - $0.40 each
2 Wishbone Bountiful Dressing - $1.50 each

Total - $25.15

I used the following coupons -

$1.00/1 MQ for the WIshbone Dressings and a $0.75/1 cents MQ I already had and used $0.75/2 Target printable for a total of $2.50 off or $0.50 for two dressings! If you don't have the MQs you can use this $0.75 off Internet printable (print it twice by using your back button) and pay just $0.75 for two dressings!

$1.00 off Head & Shoulders MQ

$1.00 off any Tide MQ

$1.00 off any All internet printable - (after signup)

$0.50 off any Dannon MQ

$1.00 off 2 Market Pantry Cheese Target Printable (making two string cheeses FREE (Target took off the $0.80 - no overage allowed)

B1G1 Free Target coupon for Chef Michaels Wet Food - $0.80

$1/1 Kellogg’s Whole Grain Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts Target printable combined with $2/2 Kellogg’s Select Fiber-Added Products MQ for a total of $3.00 making the 2 boxes of Pop Tarts only $0.50!

$1.00/1 Target printable for Eggos and combine with $1.00/2 MQ making these Eggos a whopping $0.25 a box!

$0.50 off Suave body wash MQ

$2.50 off Chef Michaels Dry Food internet printable here and combine with $1.50 off Chef Michael's dry food Target printable for a total of $.76 for bag -

$2.00 off Huggies Diaper product internet printable.

Once the cashier was done scanning in my coupons she gave me back the Huggies coupon saying I couldn't use it because my total was less than the $2.00. This surprised me, but when I got home and looked at my receipt it appears the the $2.50 off Chef Michael's dry food printable actuall took off the full $4.76 and they allowed the extra $1.50 as overage. This was probably a mistake on the cashier's part and I didn't catch it as I was packing my own reusable bag.

Have fun shopping!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Free Mags for the Outdoorsman - Field & Stream, Skiiing, Sportfishing

ValueMags is currently offering a 12 issue free subscription to Field & Stream.

Or you can get 2 issues of Skiiing free.

(Also, the 12 free issues of Cruising World is still available.)

Free Geo Trax DVD

Request your free Geo Trax DVD "Steamer & Samuel Save the Day". It does take 12-14 weeks to be shipped, but I have received these in the past. The DVD contains 4 episodes at 11 minutes 30 seconds each.

Yo Baby 3-in-1 Meal Deal

Here is a printable coupon (upon registration) for $1.00 off the Yo-Baby 3-in-1 Meals. I'm hearing that Wal-Mart carried them for $1.00 (or close) making them free or almost free! You can only print the coupon once, but it's worth it if you're heading to Wal-Martin ghte next few days and have a little one who can benefit.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Free Chocolate Friday Yet Again

It's that time again - time to get you coupon for a free chocolate bar.

Go HERE to register for your free candy bar from Mars. You can do this four times, once on each Friday they offer it. They start at 9:00 am and go through 11:59 pm every Friday from now through September. If you are one of the firs 250,000 to register on any given Friday, you will get a coupon, up to four times!! I got mine today, will you get yours?? Coupons take 4-8 weeks to arrive.

Free sample of Zyrtec

Wal-Mart is currently offering a free sample of Zyrtec. You have to click on the area labeled "Zyrtec 10 mg tablets" to see the "Get a Free Sample" button below the product.

Free Kotex and FDS Sample Kit

Wal-Mart is offering a free Kotex and FDS sample kit which contains a bunch of different samples! I'll be curious to receive this as it is going to be packed full of items!

Plus I was able to go to the Kotex website and sign up for a free sample of Kotex Ultra Thin Overnight Pad with Wings.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Free Sample Huggies Little Movers Diapers

Wal-Mart is currently offering a free sample of Huggies Little Movers Diapers in sizes 3, 4, or 5.
Wal-Mart sends out great samples in great time, so I highly recommend grabbing the samples you can use!

Free Sample Betty Crocker Potatoes

This is a great free sample, but hurry. Choose between a free sample of Betty Crocker Au Gratin or Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes.
I got this the other day but before I could post it, it was all gone. Thanks to Being Frugal is Fabulous, it appears the samples are available again.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Free Cruising World and Sport Diver Magazines

Get your 4 free issues of Sport Diver. You'll never receive a bill. I get a lot of magazines this way and then take them with to various doctor's offices, etc. and leave them for other people to enjoy!
You can also get 12 free issues to Cruising World. I currently get this magazine, and it's another one I take and leave places.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Free Kashi Cereal Sample - Choose Your Flavor

Get your free sample of Kashi Cereal. You can choose from Honey Sunshine, Heart to Heart or Go Lean Crunch. Or better yet, if you can't decide you can choose to have them surprise you! At the end of the request you can also choose whether you just want the free sample or you can choose to sign up for their newsletter.

Free Coupon for Country Bob's Sauce

Here is a new link to receive a coupon in the mail for a free bottle of Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce. (Thanks Money Saving Mom)

Fall Gift Pack - Free Scrubbing Bubbles Fall CleanUp

The first 10,000 to respond to this freebie will receive the Scrubbing Bubbles Fall Cleanup Gift Pack from Right @ Home.

If you have won a gift pack from Right @ Home in the last 180 days, you are not eligible. If you aren't sure, sign up anyway and let them sort it out. Gift packs will be mailed by November 15th.

Free Sample of Bear Naked Cereal or Grain-ola Bar

Enjoy a free sample of Bear Naked Cereal or Grain-ola Bar. You can chose from 2 varieties of Grain-ola Bars or 2 varieties of cereal. My pick was Banana Nut cereal, but you may like Cranberry Raisan. As for the Garin-ola bars, you can choose from Tropical Fruit, Fruit and Nut or Chocolate Cherry.