Write a Company, Get a Coupon!

Just send an email to your favorite company and let them know what you think of their products.  many companies will thank you with high value coupons and even free product couopns.  Here are some of my favorites!!

Aim Toothpaste - 7/6

Angel Soft - 1/21/13 - waiting for response

Armour Potted Meat - 1/21/13 - waiting for response

Armour Pepperoni - 1/21/13 - waiting for response

Bar-S products - Received several coupons and a $5.00 off any Bar-S products voucher!

Bird's Eye Voila - 7/6

Glade Sense & Spray - 8/10

Gwaltney -Received $1.50 and $0.50 off any Gwaltney products coupon

Hanover Frozen Veges -Received Free Product Coupon!

Hefty - Received Free product coupon - Up to $6.00!

Herbal Essence - Contacted 3/6 waiting reply.  This was actually a complaint about a bottle of mouse that the top kept falling off of and it kept draining liquid.  NO REPLY (6/13)

Keebler - 8/10

King's Hawaiin Bakery - Received Free product coupon - Up to $4.00 and several other coupons, plus a little cookbook!
                                      Emailed again on 1/21/13 - waiting for response

Kettle Chips - Free product coupon and another cents off coupon

Lance Crackers - 2 Free product coupons!

                            Emailed again on 1/21/13 - waiting for response

Maxwell House - contacted 3/6.  NO REPLY (6/13)

Murry's - 1/21/13 - email to customerservice@murrys.com waiting for response

Infant Motrin - 1/21/13 - Waiting for Response

Johnson & Johnson - 1/21/13 (complaint regarding foaming wash, pump not working) - waiting for response

New York Frozen Products - Free product coupon, plus cents off coupons

Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner - Free product coupon (refill)

Snyder's - Free product coupon

Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce - Free product coupon and cents off coupons