Thursday, December 29, 2011

Guest Post - Recycle Your Lipton Tea Bag Covers

My mom is so crafty and she tried her hand at being Green and Crafty at the same time! I love the result. Read on for a Guest Post from my awesome mom, Annette!!

Here is a great idea on how to recycle your Lipton Tea Bag Covers!

Make a scratch pad.

The Lipton Tea Bag Covers are paper and are is blank on the one side.

Cut off the sides before you open the bag all the way.
Then open bag and cut off "Legs."

This is what you have all lined up facing the same direction.

Staple these together, be sure the staple closes completely or take needle nose pliers to bend the ends under.

Add a "Cover" on top of the blank sides with 2nd staple. Very simple.

A quilted folder, or folder with pockets made with hot glue gun, pockets for the pads and crayons or colored pencils would make a nice Christmas gift for nieces and nephews.


My mom made the one shown for my 5 year old! This is absolutely perfect for church AND I can refill it for free!!!

The best part...My son LOVES it!!