Thursday, November 26, 2009

Using Swagbucks to buy Christmas Gifts

Now that we are truly in the holiday season - today being Thanksgiving - Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I wanted to mention Swagbucks as a way to keep our holiday spending low and maybe yours as well.

Each time you search with Swagbucks you have the opportunity to earn the bucks which you can then trade in for giftcards. My personal favorite gift card to earn is the $5.00 gift card. You can load it right into your Amazon acocunt and then save it for later or use it right away. I just keep earning them and loading them and then I use then for a bigger purchase.

You can sign up here, or you can use the banner on the sidebar! Happy Searching and Earning!

It really is that easy and it really does work!

I purchased several gifts for Christmas this way already!