Thursday, February 7, 2013

Earn Extra Cash with Survey Sites - I Do!

You're not likely to get rich, but you can supplement your income (or make some money) doing surveys!

Here are some of my favorite sites:

Opinion Outpost. This is a survey site and each survey you complete earns you points. Each point is worth ten cents. So if you get an offer for a survey worth 20 points, and you qualify and complete the survey, you receive $2.00. Most surveys take me about 15 minutes to complete and are worth (on the average) 20 points. I earned over $100.00 this year alone! You can redeem your points for CASH or Amazon e-gift cards (and other things as well). I find with Opinion Outpost that I earn points very quickly!

Zoombucks. I'm liking Zoombucks. It's similar to Swagbucks, but it seems like I win a bit more often. Each time you search, you have the opportunity to win Zoombucks. You can also complete surveys, offers, etc. for Zoombucks. Each Zoombuck is worth 1 cent. I like having a monetary amount to pin on the buck. I redeem for Paypal cash and Amazon cards.

My View. This is a survey site that's pretty simple. I've already redeemed for $45.00 in Amazon money! You can log in each day to see if there are any available surveys. Each survey has a point value ranging from 200 to 2,000 or more. Even if you don't qualify for the entire survey you are still rewarded with 125 points for trying. Sometimes I rack up 1,000 points a day not qualifying for surveys in under a few minutes! 21,000 points earns you a $15.00 Amazon e-gift card! I got two of them in less than 6 weeks!! If you are interested in joining, email me using the Contact Me link on the right sidebar and I can send you an invitation to join!

Swagbucks. If you aren't using Swagbucks, you really should sign up today! You'll start with 30 free bucks!! It's the simplest way to earn Amazon e-gift cards out there!! For those that aren’t familiar with Swagbucks, it’s a search engine much like Google. It’s even powered by Google and Ask! Just start searching to win! You can redeem 450 Swagbucks for a $5.00 e-gift card. I generally earn between 20 and 50 bucks a day! You can also check out my previous post on how to make the most of Swagbucks every day.

IPSOS. I signed up for this survey site a long time ago, did a few surveys and then forgot about them. I decided on a whim to take a look at my account when I got an invite a few weeks ago. Imagine my surprise when I realized I had almost $10.00 in the account. I did enough surveys to make $20.00 and then chose an American Express gift card to redeem for! You can also redeem for cash!

Cashcrate. Yep - still making money with them, although I've slowed down a lot. You can "check in" each day by just clicking the link and earn $0.03. I'm up to $15.96 and only need $4.04 more to cash out a $20.00 check!

Inbox Dollars- Just click on the box. Sign up for a $5.00 bonus! Once you get to $30.00 you can cash out for a check! I've redeemed 3 $30.00 checks. You can simply open emails for $0.02 and close them, but you can also do surveys for even more money!

My Points. Love this site. Another one where you open emails for points to redeem for gift cards and complete surveys, among other things. I'm currently working on earning KMart gift cards. Contact me for a referral link!

Sunshine Rewards. This is new to me and I've only earned about $4.00 so far. You can make the most by completing surveys and then cash out for Paypal or for Disney gift cards - bet you can't guess what I'm hoping for!

SurveySpot. Just fill out surveys for points that translate to Paypal cash!

ZoomPanel. I've been doing this for some time. No cashouts, but great gift cards and great merchandise to choose from including books, music and movies. Great for gifts! Surveys are relatively short and easy to complete.