Friday, October 14, 2011

Where Do I Get My Coupons?

I have had several people ask me where I get my coupons to do some of my shopping. Here are some tips to make your pile of coupons a bit bigger.

Get a Newspaper. The Sunday paper is your best bet to start a coupon stash. I do not buy multiple newspapers unless I know there is a coupon I really want in it. I was buying them out of a box at $1.50 each or approx. $6.00 a month. I called about a subscription and they wanted $16.82 for just Sunday! Then I found this site and I typed in my zip code. I was able to secure a Sunday delivery for only $5.44 a month!! That's less than the box price!! I received my first paper right away and even received a telephone call to be sure I got it!!

Use Printable Coupons. There are some great printable sites out there including - my favorite! Often you can find high value coupons. You can also print each coupon twice (hit the back button and refresh for your second coupon to print).

Sign up for Coupon Booklets when available. There is a new link right now for a Home Made Simple Coupon Booklet (log in or register - it's Free!) This booklet contains great coupons for products like Dawn, Febreze and Mr. Clean!

Request Free Samples. Often free samples come with valuable coupons. You can see some of the latest free samples I've posted about here. (Not all may still be available). Not only is it good to get the coupons, but it's even funner to get the free samples!!

Get those coupon stashes built up!!