Wednesday, September 28, 2011

You Can Make Extra Money With Survey Sites!

You're not likely to get rich, but you can supplement your income (or make some money) doing surveys! Just yesterday I received my check for $20.50 cash from Opinion Outpost!!!

Over the next few days, I'm going to feature some of the sites I make money from! Folks, I really do make money. Sometimes I have better luck with one site than another and then the next month, it switches back. The key is to keep it up. This month has been spetacular for me!! I've earned more than $100.00 from my survey sites just this month!!

Opinion Outpost is is a survey site and each survey you complete earns you points. Each point is worth ten cents. So if you get an offer for a survey worth 20 points, and you qualify and complete the survey, you receive $2.00. Most surveys take me about 15 minutes to complete and are worth (on the average) 20 points. I earned over $100.00 this year alone! You can redeem your points for CASH or Amazon e-gift cards (and other things as well). I find with Opinion Outpost that I earn points very quickly! The site is also simple so no tricky looking for stuff! They have great customer service also! Good luck!


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