Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wall Art on the Cheap!

If you have kids then this project is perfect! Need a place to store all the great little art projects they come home with? I saw this in a magazine and had to try it.

First we cut a square out of a cardboard box. Then we used a piece of white felt with gold dots on it, but feel free to paint the cardboard (that's what the instructions said) or use a different kind of material. I liked the felt because it was thicker, it isn't slippery so it helps hold every thing in place and because it was FREE. My mom has a stash of material in her room that she uses for sewing and she and I scrounged through and found this.

We simply hot-glued the fabric on cardboard by pulling it around and only glueing at the back. Then I added 6 large rubber bands- 3 across and 3 down and then a piece of hanging wire attached to the center rubber bands in the back and Voila! Daniel's very own art center!

I hung it in our dining room and it doubles as wall art, and it's quite the conversation piece!

I plan to make a couple as gifts and it's also perfect for a teen who needs a spot to hang photos on the wall and avoid tack marks. Just add a few more rubberbands!

This project cost me $1.00 (for the rubberbands - found a multi pack from the dollar tree)!!