Saturday, February 20, 2010

Utilizing my Breadmaker - Cinnamon Rolls from Scratch

A few weeks ago we had a big snowstorm and I realized too late that we did not have enough bread in the house. So I pulled out and dusted off my breadmaker and proceeded to make a loaf of bread. It was great and I remembered just how easy it was.

Fast forward to today when I decided I just had to have cinnamon rolls. I pulled out my handy breadmaker cookbook and sure enough there was a dough recipe for cinnamon rolls. I have never made dough before in the machine (or at all - shocker I know) but I decided to give it a whirl.

I put the ingrediants in the bread pan. Water, sugar, yeast, butter, flour, salt, dry milk....WHAT? Dry milk?? I have never used dry milk before so I did what any respecting woman would do.

I called my mom.

She suggested using powder creamer instead - and guess what? It worked!!

I set the breadmaker to dough and waited. In the meantime I laid out wax paper, floured it, greased my pan and made my glaze. Glaze is easy. Powdered sugar, butter, vanilla, regular sugar. YUM!

Once the dough was done, I laid it out and since I don't own a rolling pin (I know another shocker!) I used a tupperware cup and rolled out the dough. I then spread melted butter, sugar, cinnamon and a touch of brown sugar on the dough.

I went to roll it up and I learned two things. 1. My dough was rising fast and I couldn't roll it fast enough. 2. I didn't use enough flour and I'm pretty sure there is one roll with a piece inside of it so we'll eat carefully!

I cut them, placed them in the pan and let them rise for 40 minutes then baked them at 375 for 30 minutes, added the glaze and voila - can we say DELICIOUS!! They may not look gorgeous but they taste great!

I'll be trying pizza dough tomorrow night!


Jane and Jim said...

AWESOME - I'll have to try this!